Comprehensive Analysis / CPSM

The Mill Creek Police Department has contracted with the Center for Public Safety Management for a comprehensive analysis of law enforcement services. See the full proposal.

The study follows the City's LEMAP study in 2015, and helps position the Mill Creek Police Department for the future by evaluating organizational structure and culture and recommending a management framework to ensure accountability, efficiency and performance.

The comprehensive analysis of law enforcement services, which will take four to five months to complete, involves seven basic components:
  • Benchmarking the community to get a clear picture of the service levels, protection needs, community dynamics and environment in which the Police Department operates;
  • Assessing the actual workload of patrol operations and comparing that to the Police Department's deployment levels, taking into account a policy decision on non-committed patrol time;
  • Assessing reactive and proactive investigations, evaluate actual workload and evaluate all operations, including case management, etc.;
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of administration and support operations, to include staffing workload, cost-saving and efficiencies;
  • Analyzing the Police Department's organizational culture “themes” and what its staff think about providing the service that the Mill Creek community expects;
  • Conducting an analysis and recommendations of organizational structure and administration to improve the agency administration; and
  • Providing an overall assessment of performance management regarding the Police Department's ability to carry out its mission and to define success.

Read the Findings
Review the CPSM report, which was presented to the City Council on Dec. 5, 2017.
About Center for Public Safety Management, LLC
The Center for Public Safety Management is well versed in this type of analysis. It has conducted more than 221 such studies in 36 states and 185 communities, ranging in size from 8,000 to 800,000. The organization has been thoroughly vetted by the International City/County Management Association and is the ICMA's exclusive provider of public safety technical assistance.

The project team includes law enforcement professionals with years and decades of experience in all aspects of the job, from patrol to administration and executives. The analysis team combines real-world, practical knowledge with academia, taking full advantage of the science of leadership, management and personnel to provide the most comprehensive assessment of the services that the City of Mill Creek provides to our community.
This investment in public safety is budgeted in the 2017-2018 biennium and will cost $46,350. This cost reflects a 10% savings due to the City's membership in the International City/County Management Association.