Public Works & Development Services

Public Works and Development Services is a holistic department within the City of Mill Creek that combines planning, economic development and public works. Staff are responsible for services in engineering, planning, economic development, plan review/building inspection, street/roads and storm drainage maintenance, traffic control, capital projects, and more. 
Mill Creek Comprehensive Plan
Mill Creek’s Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year roadmap that envisions the City’s long-term growth, infrastructure, and services. It articulates a series of goals and policies intended to guide the day-to-day decisions of elected officials and City staff. Learn more... 

Surface Water Topics

The City of Mill Creek has approximately 5,000 public and private stormwater structures across 4.7 square miles designed to collect runoff from the entire surface of Mill Creek and route it to outfalls into our natural receiving waters. Learn more...
The Planning division consists of both long-range and operational planning. Long-range planning includes the preparation of the City's Comprehensive Plan and development regulations as well as planning efforts with surrounding jurisdictions. Learn more...

Recreational Property Master Planning Project

Over the last 15 years, the City of Mill Creek acquired these four parcels to make-up the DRCC site. Learn more...
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Mike Todd
Mike Todd
Director of Public Works & Development Services 
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