Building and Clearing & Grading Permits

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Building Permits
The Building division has the responsibility of administering the building related codes.  The primary duties of the this team and the permits we review include the issuance of building, mechanical, and plumbing permits for all new and existing construction as well as project plan review and field inspection for all phases of construction.

Clearing & Grading Permits
Clearing and grading permits may be reviewed either concurrently with (and directly related to) a building permit application, or may be reviewed and approved separately from a building permit when appropriate.

Clearing and grading permits cover two broad categories of work:  a clearing permit covers the temporary removal or disturbance of vegetation down to bare soil; a grading permit covers temporary and permanent excavations and/or filling of land, as well as site improvements (such as retaining walls or landscaping/land-shaping) that are not covered by a building permit.  Clearing and grading permits include reviews of Stormwater Site Plans for both temporary construction and permanent surface water management. 

More information on both Stormwater Site Plans and landscaping is provided below.

What is a Stormwater Site Plan?
Stormwater Site Plans (parts of which are often called drainage plans, drainage reports, temporary erosion and sediment control/TESC plans, etc.) are a compilation of project drawings, standard or project-specific details, reports, and design analysis that together demonstrates how surface water and stormwater will be managed at a project location; both temporarily during construction or landscaping work, and permanently after the work is completed.  The requirements for each Stormwater Site Plan will vary greatly depending on the size and scale of the project, the proximity of the work to both existing surface and underground stormwater management features and natural or artificial water bodies.

The City of Mill Creek has implemented the 2019 Department of Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington as the basis for City public and private surface water and stormwater management.  Stormwater Site Plans are prepared in accordance with the guidance and requirements of the 2019 Department of Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington.  In particular, Volume I of the 2019 Department of Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington will guide you in determining what requirements apply to your project or activity, and so what you need to submit to the City for review and approval.

To access this document online and for more information, go to Washington State Department of Ecology.

Do I Need A Clearing & Grading Permit For Landscaping Activities?
For grass and other vegetation trimming activities, typically the answer is no.

However, many types of activities identified as "landscaping" may require either a permit, or at least consultation with City staff to verify whether a permit applies.  Even if a City permit is not required, there may still be regulations you still need to follow for your work, such as work hours restrictions, need for temporary erosion and sediment control measures, street and sidewalk use limitations, etc.  Finally, many landscaping projects start out small enough not to require a permit, but can grow during the work into activities that do!

Discovering what permit or requirements you need to know for your landscaping activities can be difficult to guess.  To make your effort easier, we have a Permit Counter you can call with questions.  If necessary, we can also schedule a consultation between you and our staff to help as well.

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