Operations & Maintenance

An image of the maintenance team at workSubmit a maintenance request, or report a concern or road hazard.

Snow & Ice Route Map
Download a map that shows priority and secondary routes for maintenance in inclement weather.

Street Maintenance
The City's maintenance staff are responsible for maintaining 50 miles of public sidewalks and 106 lane-miles of street surface, guardrails, application of liquid deicer and sanding during winter snow and icy weather, snow and ice removal, and street signage and pavement markers.

Street sweeping is done as part of our Surface Water permit requirements, aesthetic appearance, and safety concerns for the driving public. The crew sweeps all City streets on at least a quarterly basis and does its best to conduct additional sweeping when possible. However, due to many changing variables in the scope of maintenance responsibilities, the City is unable to set a firm neighborhood-by-neighborhood schedule for such sweeping.

See the policy regarding Tree Root Repair Issues

Park Maintenance
Park maintenance includes daily cleaning, maintenance and repair of the city's public parks and trails, safety inspections, and vegetation management. The City has 10 parks totaling 28 acres and more than 23 miles of nature trails.