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City Properties: Dobson, Remillard, Church and Cook site (DRCC site)

The City has an exciting opportunity to address future community needs. Over the last 15 years, the City of Mill Creek has acquired four parcels north of the Mill Creek Sports Park.

The site is bounded on the east by SR527 (Bothell-Everett Highway) and on the west by North Creek Drive and the North Creek Trail.  During city planning discussions, the parcels have been referred to as the “DRCC” properties, an acronym formed by the names of the former owners of each parcel (Dobson, Remillard, Church and Cook site). 

The City needs your input: What does the community lack, and what facilities could be placed here to address those unmet needs? Potential ideas for the sites include: recreation, entertainment, education, commerce, or municipal uses.

If you are interested in participating in surveys or community workshops to define the future of this project, please sign up for our DRCC email list.

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