City of Mill Creek Performance Evaluation

Mill Creek PoliceThe City of Mill Creek values its residents and business owners' thoughts, concerns, suggestions, and feedback. The City conducts community surveys on an annual basis to gather this information. The survey also provides important feedback that helps us better understand the residents and business community's experience with City services. It also helps inform City leaders as they assess future projects and services that interest our community.

The 2022 performance evaluation was conducted between March 2022 and September 2022. The survey was advertised in print advertising, web, social media, and at local City events. In total, 347 residents completed the survey on which City services they feel are important and what future challenges the City might face. The results of the survey were shared with City Council at the January 10th meeting. You can watch that presentation on YouTube or view the results below.

These results are used to help:
City Council
• Evaluate our performance
• Inform our performance-based budgeting process
• Understand the priorities of our residents and businesses and establish the city’s priorities
• Help shape the future of Mill Creek

2022 Resident Satisfaction Survey results

You are encouraged to review the results of the survey and let us know if you have any questions at [email protected].